Request a Hearing

Traffic – Civil Infractions Online Hearing Requests

You MUST> allow 5 business days after receiving your ticket before submitting your online hearing request to allow the law enforcement agencies time to file the ticket with the Court and to allow case processing time for entry into the Court’s system)

Within two weeks of your submission you will receive notice of your Department Rep Hearing date by U.S. mail.

You may also review your case history online to determine your court date, fines and costs, and other relevant information by accessing the Search Case Information and Court Schedules link from the home page.

Department Rep requests are available for civil infractions issued by Brownstown, Flat Rock, Gibraltar, Grosse Ile, Rockwood, Trenton, and Woodhaven. You may request a meeting with a representative from the corresponding community for the purpose of reaching a plea agreement. The officer who issued your ticket may not be present. At the conference, you and a representative will have the opportunity to discuss plea options, which may include a reduction in points. If you are unable to reach a plea agreement for any reason, you will still have the opportunity to deny responsibility for the charge and be scheduled for an informal hearing. Please note that if you decide to request such a hearing, it will be on a future date and not heard on the same day as your Department Rep Hearing.

Informal Hearing requests are available for civil infractions issued by Michigan State Police or the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department. You may request an Informal Hearing and the officer who issued your ticket will be subpoenaed to appear. All Informal Hearings are scheduled before a Judge.

To request a hearing online you MUST include the following information:

  • Full name (as it appears on the ticket)
  • Ticket number
  • Date the ticket was issued
  • Address (as it appears on the ticket)
  • Driver’s license number (if applicable)
  • Contact phone number.

Please do not contact the Court or send in your copy of the signed ticket once your online request is submitted.

Please note the following:

  • Formal hearings cannot be requested online and must be scheduled by contacting the Traffic Division at (734) 671-0201.

  • Requests for adjournments must be made in person, for just cause, and in compliance with the Court’s adjournment protocol. Any requests for adjournments made via the Hearing Request System will not be processed by the Court and will not be considered just cause for failure to appear.

  • Requests made for purposes other than scheduling a Pre-Hearing or Informal Hearing will not be processed by the Court.